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GACC No Longer Suspend Import Declarations for Overseas Companies Whose Products Tested Covid-19 Positive


The State Council held a press conference in Beijing on July 8


The State Council held a press conference in Beijing on July 8, in which Li Zhengliang, deputy director of the Department of Health and Quarantine of GACC, announced that the Customs would do the following works to optimize the prevention and control of the epidemic at ports in strict accordance with the overall deployment of the State Council.


The first step is to further strengthen source control. GACC will step up efforts to communicate with the competent authorities of exporting countries or regions and strengthen remote video spot checks, urging overseas companies to implement safety protection responsibilities, and prevent food infected with Covid-19 during the production, processing, storage, packaging and transportation. Overseas competent authorities and enterprises need to actively cooperate to prevent food from being infected.


In the first half of this year, GACC has video-checked 182 cold-chain food production enterprises and held 208 video conferences with the official competent authorities of relevant countries or regions.


Judging from the port situations nationwide, the number of imported cold chain food tested positive has dropped significantly recently, although epidemic still remains a rage and rebounds globally.


The second step is to further optimize the monitoring work. GACC will continue to use sampling testing as an important monitoring means and appropriately adjust its proportion and quantity according to the epidemic control in exporting countries and regions. Measures such as rectification within specified time limits, suspension of import and cancellation of registration would be taken for overseas food production enterprises with problems.


Overseas food production enterprises with products tested Covid-19 positive will no longer be suspended for import declarations, improving port customs clearance while ensuring the monitoring effectively.


The third step is to strictly supervise the preventive disinfection at ports. In the first half of this year, the Customs nationwide disinfected the outer packaging of 45.85 million imported cold chain food.


Lastly, GACC will strictly implement closed management for its staff who work for imported cold chain food safety supervision.