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Chinese Mutton Import in H1 2022


In the first half of 2022, China's mutton imports fell sharply, with a total of 189,100 tons of mutton imported.



In the first half of 2022, China's mutton imports fell sharply, with a total of 189,100 tons of mutton imported, a YOY decrease of 22.2% from the 24.29 tons of mutton imported in the same period last year, almost returning to the 2018 import level. The total import value of mutton from Jan to Jun was around US$11.7 million, showing a gradual downward trend, and the lowest import value in Jun was around US$1.42 million. Among them, Jan was in the peak consumption season, with a maximum import volume of 38,100 tons, and a minimum import volume of 24,300 tons in the off-season consumption in Jun.

China mainly imported four categories of mutton in H1 2022: frozen bone-in mutton (79.62%), frozen mutton carcasses&half carcasses (11.78%), frozen boneless mutton (5.14%) and frozen lamb carcasses&half carcasses (3.39%).