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Pork Leg Selling Price in China


Today we chose one kind of cut: pork leg and for your reference to better know their selling prices in China.



Today we chose one kind of cut: pork leg and for your reference to better know their selling prices in China. Also if you’d like other pork cuts, we’ll willing to offer the semi-monthly report including real-time prices data and volumes.
For the data in the charts following, the total cost consists of the average price of overseas purchases, 12% tariffs, 9% VAT(value-added taxes), and 6.7 exchange rate between US dollar and RMB.

It can be seen that pork leg selling prices have gone up all the way since late Apr as China’s domestic pork prices also rebounded and surged. The highest selling price is around 2,388 $/ton on 30th June, the most recent day picked, and the lowest one is 1,567 $/ton at the beginning of the year.
Pork leg prices have been upside down in H1 2022. Its total cost also rose after April, touching the highest at 2,686 $/ton in end of June. Before that, it also upsurged in mid-Jan, the Spring Festival vacation period.
This is the part of our semi-annual report, if you want to know more about trade data of meat cuts in China, please contact us to know how to get the whole report.