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Pre-made Dishes Are Taking Over Take-out and Dine-in, Should Ordering Be Informed in Advance?



With the blessing of capital, #premade #dishes are becoming more and more popular.


With the blessing of capital, premade #dishes are becoming more and more popular.
-Pre-made dishes are taking over takeout and dine-in
When you order take-out or dine-in, do you have any doubts, just after ordering, the take-out will be delivered quickly or the waiter will bring the food quickly, which is faster than expected.
-Why so fast?
Because you're eating pre-cooked dishes, not freshly cooked ones.
Pre-made dishes simplifies the tedious steps of grocery shopping, washing, chopping, and cooking, and can be eaten after tearing off the package and reheating.
So simple and easy, it can effectively save labor costs and compress meal time, which just fits the needs of catering companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Therefore, pre-made dishes are blooming everywhere and are occupying takeaway and dinein.
According to a research report, the ratio of B-end to C-end in China's prefabricated dishes market is about 8:2, and restaurants and other businesses still account for the majority of prefabricated food consumption.
Another scenario where pre-made dishes are widely used is in takeout.

In other words, 80% of pre-made dishes will eventually flow into consumers' mouths from dine-in and takeaway.
According to data from Tianyancha, there are more than 66,000 prefabricated dishess-related enterprises, of which more than 1,020 will be newly registered in 2022, and the growth rate of newly registered enterprises from January to June will reach 42.7%.
In terms of the time of establishment, 53.4% of the enterprises were established within 5 years.
From the perspective of geographical distribution, the number of related enterprises in Shandong, Henan and Hebei ranks in the forefront.
-Are pre-cooked dishes really tasty?
The prefabricated dishes market is booming. According to institutional analysis, the scale of China's prefabricated dishes market will exceed 300 billion yuan in 2021. It is expected that the growth rate of the prefabricated dishes industry will be around 20% to 30% from 2022 to 2026. In the next 3 to 5 years, China's prefabricated dishes market will grow The development of the industry is expected to become the next trillion-yuan catering market.

-Does such a hot premade dishes taste really good?
In February this year, the Consumer Protection Committee of Jiangsu Province released the "Prefabricated dishes Consumption Survey Report", pointing out that the quality of the dishes in the prefabricated dishes market is not satisfactory, the taste of the dishes needs to be improved, the labeling of the dishes is not detailed, the variety of dishes is single, logistics distribution and delivery. There are many problems, etc. 62.32% of consumers said that "pre-made dishes taste average", and 3.32% of consumers felt that "pre-made dishes taste bad and not delicious".
Although the taste is not satisfactory, with the advantages of convenience and speed, pre-made dishes are becoming more and more popular in the business side.

Some companies have publicly stated that #95% of the dishes are prefabricated. The dishes such as black truffle river shrimp and squirrel mandarin fish that look very high-end are not carefully cooked by the chef of the store, but also prefabricated dishes that only require simple heating.
According to industry insiders, we seldom eat freshly made dishes when we go to restaurants, and about 60% of them are frozen pre-made dishes, especially in some small and large-scale chain stores and home-style restaurants.
Many netizens also shared their feelings on social media: "Pre-made dishes have completely destroyed my motivation to eat takeout, including some dine-in!" "In the catering industry that pursues the ultimate pursuit of cost reduction and efficiency, pre-made dishes have taken over take-out. , occupying dine-in restaurants, consumers and ordinary small restaurants are coerced and have no room to refuse. When the standard takes away the wild taste, only the unified taste buds are left crying.”
Should an order be informed in advance that it is a pre-made meal?
Pre-made dishes occupy takeaway and dine-in, but there is a problem that many consumers do not know that they are eating pre-made dishes, and often default to "fresh fried".
Many consumers said that when they go to a restaurant to eat, what they eat is the chef's craftsmanship.
Now the chef's skills may be gone, and it has become a pre-made dish.

Some consumers said to Zhongxin Finance: "If I eat at a restaurant, if I know it's a pre-made dish, I might not eat it, and get the sticky thing out for me to eat. It may be made a month ago. Probably wouldn't eat it. But if I hadn't told me, I might have eaten it."
"When you arrive at the restaurant, you eat pre-made dishes. It's like eating takeaways in the store. The taste will not be good. Do I want your hot dishes to be faster? Or do I want you to earn three times the price difference?"

The Workers Daily recently issued an article saying that I went all the way to a restaurant to eat, but I didn't expect to eat a #premade dish. Wouldn't it be better to order takeout at home if I knew it was a pre-made dish?
-Too many complaints like this will lead to consumer disputes.

In response to such disputes, is it the consumers who admit that they are unlucky or the restaurants partially compensate, or whether the restaurants are required to inform consumers in advance whether they order pre-made dishes in the future?

This is worthy of research by relevant departments and consumer associations.
-Is it necessary to establish an advance notification system for pre-made dishes?

Chen Yinjiang, deputy secretary-general of the Consumer Rights Protection Law Research Association of the China Law Society, told Zhongxin Finance that in view of the fact that pre-made dishes may have more food safety risks, it is possible to consider establishing an advance notification system for pre-made dishes.
The Consumer Protection Law stipulates that consumers have the right to know the real situation of goods and services.
Operators should also truthfully, comprehensively and accurately inform consumers of the real situation of the products and relevant information.
Chen Yinjiang believes that consumers have the right to know whether the dishes are made #onsite and whether they are fresh enough.
If consumers do not want to eat pre-made dishes at first, because the operator did not inform them and eat them without their knowledge, it actually violates the true wishes of consumers and is suspected of infringing on consumers' right to know and right to choose.

With the large-scale launch of pre-made dishes, further regulation is required in the future.